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Monster Bash
UPDATE INFO: 10/25/2013
Internet Video Live Stream can be viewed here: It will be live streaming during all the indoor events on Saturday October 26th 2013. Should go live around 7:30 AM and will run all day through the awards.

Also you can view live updating results at: this will update virtually realtime as heats end and scores can be inputted into the computer from scorecards.

CrossFit BTH is located at 125 South State, Preston, ID 83263.

If you are coming Friday Night to complete the obstacle course you are welcome to starting at 2:00 PM. We will need you to sign a waiver prior to participating in the course and get you lined up with a judge to time you through the course.

Monster Bash Parking

The course is located at approximately, 150 South State, Preston, ID 83263. There isn’t much parking at the obstacle course so feel free to use one of the designated spots on the Google Map that is show above, its just a short warm-up from these parking spots to the obstacle course.

We encourage as many people as possible to complete the obstacle course on Friday night so we can make it a shorter day on Saturday. REMINDER IF YOU ARE PART OF A TEAM YOUR ENTIRE TEAM NEEDS TO BE PRESENT TO COMPLETE OBSTACLE COURSE TOGETHER. We are not running a schedule on Friday night obstacle course so it is first come first serve basis. Please be patient with us as we are running everybody through.


Friday – 10/25/2013 2:00PM to Dark – Early Obstacle Course Event & Early Check-In (Please plan for 30 to 45 Minutes to check-in, get your number, and fill out waiver paperwork. If you are competing as a team your entire team will need to be present in order to complete and get a score for the Obstacle Course.

Saturday – 10/26/2013

7:00 AM – Check-In, Get your Number, Complete Waiver Paperwork, Warm-Up

8:00 AM – Individual WOD #1 – “Click, Click, Boom”

9:30 AM – Team WOD #1

10:30 AM – Individual WOD #2 – “Where’s the Cream Filling”

11:30 AM – Team WOD #2

12:30 PM – Individual WOD #3 – “Deadlift Ladder”

1:30 PM – Team WOD #3

2:30 PM – Obstacle Course Event

Approx. 5:00 PM – Award Ceremony

Individual Heats
Heat #1
601 Aimee Egbert Primal Mountain Women 35+
602 Shauna Timothy Box Elder Elite Fitness Women 35+
603 Laura Roberts CrossFit BTH Women 35+
604 Kelly Alder Primal Mountain Women 35+
605 Robin Dahlman CrossFit Unrested Assurance Women 35+
606 Alexis Johnson Box Elder Elite Fitness Women 35+
607 Stephanie Hall CrossFit IoTa Women 35+
217 Marta Hale TO be: Crossfit SEI Women Rx
Heat #2
401 Jennifer Meek CrossFit BTH Women Scaled
402 Ashli Jardine CrossFit Unrested Assurance Women Scaled
403 Crystal Teeter CrossFit BTH Women Scaled
404 Angie Madigan CrossFit Unrested Assurance Women Scaled
405 Steph Smith CrossFit BTH Women Scaled
303 Chris Titensor CrossFit BTH Men Scaled
305 Holden Winward CrossFit BTH Men Scaled
304 Eric Thompson ??? Men Scaled
Heat #3
201 Kendl Watt The Quad CrossFit QET Women Rx
202 Katie Mickelsen Kage CrossFit Women Rx
203 Cammi Ottesen Kage CrossFit Women Rx
204 Willow Henson CrossFit Meridian Women Rx
205 Laradene Murphy CrossFit BTH Women Rx
206 Susan Farmer CrossFit IoTa Women Rx
207 Emily Bunnell CVSC Women Rx
208 Esmeralda Sandoval CrossFit Unrested Assurance Women Rx
Heat #4
209 Melissa Feser Crossfit IoTa Women Rx
210 Bailey Cellan Crossfit IoTa Women Rx
211 Emily Byington CrossFit BTH Women Rx
212 Fallin Martinez CrossFit Meridian Women Rx
216 Ronnie Love CrossFit IoTa Women Rx
213 Javi Silva CrossFit BTH Women Rx
214 Jessica Golightly CrossFit BTH Women Rx
215 Amy Burbank CrossFit BTH Women Rx
Heat #5
301 Eric Teeter CrossFit BTH Men Scaled
302 Brandon Desfosses The Gate CrossFit Men Scaled
501 Boyd Burbank CrossFit BTH Men 35+
502 Ronald Johnson Box Elder Elite Fitness Men 35+
503 Wayne Gwyn CrossFit Unrested Assurance Men 35+
504 Scott Northridge CrossFit BTH Men 35+
505 Calvin Timothy Box Elder Elite Fitness Men 35+
506 Tracen Winward CrossFit BTH Men 35+
Heat #6
101 JACOB EGBERT Primal Mountain Men Rx
102 Ryan Davis The Quad (Crossfit QET) Men Rx
103 Cal Bonzon CrossFit BTH Men Rx
104 pete colungo NOT AFFILIATED (MALAD, ID) Men Rx
105 Joshua Bell Box Elder Elite Fitness Men Rx
106 Tom Apedaile CrossFit IoTa Men Rx
107 Jason Jardine CrossFit Unrested Assurance Men Rx
108 Austin Esplin Crossfit BTH Men Rx
Heat #7
109 Dakotah Holmes Crossfit IoTA Men Rx
110 blake hull CrossFit BTH Men Rx
111 Jay Rose CrossFit Unrested Assurance Men Rx
112 Kristopher Wilson TO be: Crossfit SEI Men Rx
113 Jacob Sanderson CrossFIt IoTa Men Rx
114 Aaron Bradbury Box Elder Elite Fitness Men Rx
115 Garrett Garfield CrossFit Unrested Assurance Men Rx
116 Cody Hale To Be: Crossfit SEI Men Rx
Heat #8
117 Erick Popoca Un-Affiliated Men Rx
118 Darin Fullmer CrossFit BTH Men Rx
119 Habb Wells CrossFit IoTa Men Rx
120 Brock Reese CrossFit IoTa Men Rx
121 Gary Boden CrossFit Ascension Men Rx
122 Tony Popoca Un-Affiliated Men Rx
123 Jerry Hall CrossFit IoTa Men Rx
Team Heat #1

801 Box Elder Elite Fitness Brigham Boys
901 Maltese CrossFit Maltese CrossFit
902 CrossFit BTH U should C R Snatches
701 CrossFit USU Team USU
Team Heat #2
001 The Gate CrossFit The Gate CrossFit
002 CrossFit IoTA IoTA – I’m On Team Awesome
003 Crossfit IoTa The Animals
004 CVSC Dysfunctional Family
Team Heat #3
005 CrossFit BTH MADstachers
006 CrossFit UAC UAC
702 Crossfit Iota Mountain Junkies
703 Crossfit USU Aggie Strong
UPDATE: 10/01/2013
Monster Bash 2013 is the 1st Annual Throwdown Competition being held in Preston, ID hosted by CrossFit BTH.

There will be Rx’d & Scaled Divisions for both Individuals & Teams. Winners will be awarded for both divisions of Men & Womens.
Teams will be 4 persons. Winners will be awarded for each of the following divisions. All Men’s Teams, All Women’s Teams, Coed Teams.
Workouts will be posted below as we release them.
This is intended to be fun for everybody that is why we are creating so many different divisions. If you want to scale the workouts or are not interested in going for an award, but would like to see how you stack against your peers that is perfectly acceptable in our Scaled / Non-Competitive division. For those of you with competitive juices flowing we have a RX’d division for both Men & Women as individuals.
On the teams side we are opening it up so everybody can compete and see how they stand amongst other fitness athletes. Those divisions will be Men’s Teams (consisting of 4 male athletes), Women’s Teams (consisting of 4 female athletes), and Coed Teams (consisting of 2 Men & 2 Women Athletes).
No matter your skill level or experience doing CrossFit this throwdown is for you, sign-up today, pick a division, train hard, and mostly come and have a great time!!
There will be a total of 4 workouts with 5 total scores. 1 Event may be completed on the evening of Friday, October 25th if athlete chooses.
Also we are looking for volunteers and judges, volunteers would be asked to setup and tear down equipment on Friday and/or Saturday. Assist with registration and athlete check-in / waiver signing. Judges will be asked to complete the CrossFit Games Online Judging Course prior to the event, judges will be responsible for holding athletes to a pre-determined standard of movements, as well as count reps / keep time for the athlete. Judge will also be responsible for recording the score on a score sheet and turn-in to score keeper.
If interested in volunteering or judging please email or call TJ @ (208) 406-6197
Individual WOD #1
Click Click Boom!
For 2 scores : 1 score for time to complete the 40 KB swings. 1 score for reps of clean and jerk in remaining time.
8 Minute AMRAP
5 Toes 2 Bar
10 Burpees
20 Pull-Ups
30 Double Unders (Rx) / (3:1 Singles)
40 KB Swings 35# / 50#Then max reps clean and jerk in remaining time…Men: 5 reps @ 115# / 135# / 155# then AMRAP @ 175#Women 65# / 85# / 95# then AMRAP @115#. (scale as needed)
Team WOD #1
As a team you must complete a 4000 Meter Row.
Each team member must row no more then 250 Meter at a time!
The Team members that are not rowing must hold a sandbag overhead.
(Sandbags will be 3 different weights) If they drop it down, all 4 teammates must complete 5 hand release burpees before moving on.
After the row is complete then complete 100 pull-ups as a team.
Each member must complete 25 pull-ups. (The pull-ups need to be in unbroken sets.
Example: John jumps up on the bar and does 10 pull-ups, he must then wait for his other 3 teammates to all go then he can try again at his remaining 15 pull-ups.)
Team WOD #2
Box Jumps 20″ / 24″ Wall Balls 14# / 20#

2 teammates start on wall-balls, the other 2 start on box jumps.

2 rounds of:
60 Box Jumps
2 Teammates can not Switch movements until the other 2 teammates finish their 60 reps of that movement.
60 Wall-balls O.T.B (over the bar)

30 reps each teammate each round.
Box Jump

This is a two-foot jump onto the box. The hips and knees must open fully at the top of standing on the box.

Both feet must be on the box together at some point in the rep. You may jump down or step down but you must jump up.

Stepping up is only permitted for the Masters categories, not for anyone else.

Wall ball
In the wall ball, the medicine ball must be taken from the bottom of a squat, hip crease below knee, and thrown to hit the specified target.

If the ball does not hit make it over the bar it is no rep.

Using an additional ball, box or other object to check for proper depth is not allowed. If the ball is not caught between reps, it must come to a full stop on the ground. Bouncing the ball off the floor is not permitted

Individual WOD #2
“Where’s the cream filling”

Wall Balls and Box Jump Ladder

6 Minute AMRAP
14# / 20# Wall Ball
20″ / 24″ Box Jump
2,2 – 4,4 – 6,6 – 8,8 – 10,10 – 12,12 – 14,14 – 16,16 – etc.



WOD with Warriors "Armistice" - CrossFit Meridian
Shawna Davenport
Tuesday, November 11, 2014 from 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM (MST)
Meridian, ID

While only one day of the year is dedicated solely to honoring our veterans, Americans must never forget the sacrifices that many of our fellow countrymen have made to defend our country and protect our freedom.
Crossfit Meridian is proud to host RWB and a Veterans Day WOD in honor of all of Veterans. We will be remembering and honoring veterans with this workout every hour on the hour from 5Am to 1PM and 4PM to 7PM.

Have questions about WOD with Warriors "Armistice" - Crossfit Meridian? Please contact Shawna at To Purchase a WOD with Warriors Commemorative T-Shirt please visit the Team RWB Store: Wear the Eagle